Poolife Filter Cleaner


Poolife® Filter Cleaner

Oil, grease, dirt, mineral deposits, soap—all of these can build up in your pool filter. Break down organic and inorganic matter with the acidic solution in Filter Cleaner and get back to enjoying clean, healthy, splash-friendly pool water.

Easy-to-use, so you can spend less time maintaining pool water and more time living your best pool life
Filter Cleaner breaks down organic and inorganic matter with a powerful acidic solution, so pool water is safe and splash-friendly
Remove your filter, soak it in the solution for 3–6 hours and rinse off with a pressure hose
Use the solution on your pool filter twice every season to have fun in clean, healthy pool water
Compatible with all filters, add 16 fl. oz. to 4 gallons of water for 55 sq. ft. of treatment

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