6600-229 Panel:J100/200 1Pump


Top Side Controls - Electronic: Jacuzzi J Series, (4) Button, LED Display with backlight, Controls a (2) Speed Pump 1, Light and Temperature. 7' Cable with 4 Pin Molex Plug. Check availability status prior to placing order. Due to the manufacturers recent backlog of this item, temporarily, Spa Circuits may not be able to acquire this product.
Please call prior to placing order.

Mfg - Jacuzzi Brand Spas or Sundance Spas

Note -
Top Side Control Brand: Jacuzzi Brand Spas or Sundance Spas
Top Side Control Series: J-200 LCD Series
Number of Buttons: 4
Display Type: LCD with backlight
Button Labels (Clockwise from top): Temp Up Icon, Pump1 Icon, Light Icon, Temp Down Icon.
Cable Length: 7 Ft
Plug or Cable Connector Type: (4) Pin Molex Plug Connector
Basic Shape: Oval
Dimensions: 7 3/4" x 4"

Used on Jacuzzi® Model Spas:
2018+ J-000 LCD Series

Also found as PN - 6600-229 SD6600-229 Spaside Control, Sundance, J-200 LCD, 1-Pump, 2018+. Electronic Keypad. 4 Button, LCD Display w/7' Cord includes Overlay

6600-229 PANEL:J100/200 1PUMP
Jacuzzi® Control Panel for J-100™ / J-200™ 1-P (4) Button (4) Pin Molex Plug Connector

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